Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – June 2, 2017

My entry for this week’s photo challenge is: Lost in Tuscany.  

One constant while traveling throughout the bucolic countryside of each of Italy’s large and historic cities was getting lost.  This was particularly true along the long and narrowly winding back roads connecting the small Tuscan villages where my traveling companion and I often found ourselves.  Neither one of us were fluent Italian speakers, although we made every effort to understand this beautifully flowing language with our translation books and Italian dictionary in hand.  Despite the valiant efforts of the hospitable residents we met along our travels, it was all but impossible to understand the answer to our reoccuring question, “which way.” (in Italian, che direzione).  The signs were of little help, as our destination was seldom on the many directional signs that we periodically encountered. 

Those times we found ourselves frustrated and tired were eclipsed by the times where being “lost” led us to breathtaking and out of the way places.


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